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Church of St John the Baptist, Church Path, Yeovil - South Somerset

Perpendicular church largely dating from 1380 when rebuilt probably by William Wynford, master mason of Wells. Major restoration mid-C19. Severe external masonry decay resulting in falls of stonework from tower. Major tower conservation and repair programme required. Heritage Lottery Fund Grant awarded in 2013.
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Heritage Category: Listed Place of Worship grade I

Name: Church of St John the Baptist, Church Path
Street: Church Path
Parish: Yeovil
District/London Borough: South Somerset
County: Somerset
Parliamentary Constituency: Yeovil
Region: South West
Designation: Listed Place of Worship grade I, CA
List Entry Number: 1055713
Condition: Poor
Priority Category: D - Slow decay; solution agreed but not yet implemented
Previous Priority Category: C - Slow decay; no solution agreed
New Entry: No
Owner Type: Religious organisation
Contact: Sarah Ball 0117 975 0666

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