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Madey Mill, East Street, Martock - South Somerset

Water mill with medieval origins, although current buildings are largely C17. The building is situated on a working farm, is under-used and is suffering from lack of maintenance. Viable new uses and/or funding opportunities need to be investigated to obtain adequate funding for repairs. An English Heritage funded condition survey has been completed, identifying urgent repairs.
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Heritage Category: Listed Building grade II*

Name: Madey Mill, East Street
Street: East Street
Parish: Martock
District/London Borough: South Somerset
County: Somerset
Parliamentary Constituency: Somerton and Frome
Region: South West
Designation: Listed Building grade II*
List Entry Number: 1226550
Condition: Poor
Occupancy/Use: Part occupied/part in use
Priority Category: C - Slow decay; no solution agreed
Previous Priority Category: C - Slow decay; no solution agreed
New Entry: No
Owner Type: Private
Contact: Chris Miners 0117 975 0700
Industrial: Yes

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